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" First they ignore you, Then they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win."
-- Gandhi

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Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox sent an open letter to the President of the European Parliament :,3605,1161349,00.html,3605,970294,00.html,2688,en_2649_34797_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Ten years ago, it was possible to develop software using any techniques known, and providing whatever features were useful. This is no longer the case. New legal precedents have resulted in software patents and interface copyrights both of which now prevent this.

"Look and feel" lawsuits attempt to monopolize well-known command languages; some have succeeded. Copyrights on command languages enforce gratuitous incompatibility, close opportunities for competition, and stifle incremental improvements.

Software patents are even more dangerous; they make every design decision in the development of a program carry a risk of a lawsuit, with draconian pretrial seizure. It is difficult and expensive to find out whether the techniques you consider using are patented; it is impossible to find out whether they will be patented in the future.

The League for Programming Freedom is an organization of over 600 software developers, business people, professors, students, and users dedicated to restoring the preexisting freedom to develop software. The League is not opposed to the legal system that Congress intended
copyright on individual programs. Its aim is to reverse recent changes that run contrary to the public interest principles of the Constitution.

The League works to abolish these new monopolies by publishing articles, talking with public officials, working with companies, assisting in court cases, and serving as a point of contact.

The League may be contacted by phone: (617) 621-7084, by electronic mail:, or by post:

League for Programming Freedom
1 Kendall Square #143
P.O. Box 9171
Cambridge, MA 02139
The League is always happy to assist those threatened or concerned about the above issues, or to simply provide further information on these matters to any party that may be interested.
Vol. IV, issue no. 3,
June 2003

Open Knowledge

En anglais certes , mais d'une trs grande richesse documentaire et argumentaire sur les sujets brulants de l't 2003 :
Traduction en cours :


" As we enjoy great advantages from inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours;
and this we should do freely and generously."
-- Benjamin Franklin

"A non-free program is a predatory social system that keeps people in a state of domination and division,
and uses the spoils to dominate more."
-- RMS

"However, fighting patents one by one will never eliminate the danger of software patents,
any more than swatting mosquitoes will eliminate malaria."
-- RMS

" The only reason the term CII ( Computer Implemented Invention) was invented was to encourage people to allow
software in an invention to be patented.
A patent on software in a device or process is a patent on software -- because software is abstract. "
-- Seth Johnson

" First they ignore you, Then they laugh at you, Then they fight you, Then you win."
-- Gandhi
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